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EMUI 14 and HarmonyOS 4 should bring customizable app snippets



emui 14 harmonyos 4 app snippets

App Snippets is an amazing feature and it brings a whole mobile interaction that cannot be imagined on any other smartphone. Speaking of which, we’ve come up with a brand new app snippets improvement for this feature that Huawei could rollout with HarmonyOS 4 and EMUI 14.

Yeah, it’s a fact that Huawei is preparing to release EMUI 13 software update in the global market and the company is currently completing HarmonyOS 3 rollout for Chinese models but it’s also the time that we anticipate for the next version of the mobile software.

App Snippets:

Before we move further, let’s dive into the feature. App Snippets allows you to operate with gestures on the app icon. Once you swipe, a window of key options will float over the corresponding app icon. All of that will happen without opening the app first.

emui harmonyos app snippets

This function gives you better access to the most used features in an instant. However, there is no option to customize the app snippets.

We’ve tested HarmonyOS 3 and app snippets are working just awesome on this new Huawei operating system. Yet, the option is not there. Since EMUI 13 is coming with a renamed version of app snippets as “app swipe up gesture” then it may also not bring this function.

But it would be extra fun if, Huawei let me choose, which options I want to appear in the floating window. Yeah, it’s a customization that you can make the most out of app snippets and it will give an edge to this feature that no other smartphone maker could provide at the moment.

Therefore, HarmonyOS 4 and EMUI 14 is the right candidate to launch such change in the app snippets with new customizations. Currently, there’s no official announcement made on these two softwares but we’ll keep you posted.

emui 14 harmonyos 4 app snippets

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