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Huawei debuts May 2024 EMUI security patch details



Huawei May 2024 EMUI patch

Huawei has kicked off the May 2024 EMUI security patch details on its official bulletin site. These security patches are part of monthly as well as quarterly update cycles which ensures that your device keeps running smoothly, without any interruptions.

The monthly rollouts look after hidden problems of your smartphone and improve its current health. Besides, the company also integrates some useful optimizations and refinements, breathing new life into your handset for a reliable experience.

April 2024 Security Patch:

Huawei is currently expanding the April 2024 safety improvements for its devices in the global market. Handsets that have received the update so far are Mate 40 Pro, Nova 11i, P60 Pro, and Nova 9. The OEM will soon bring the firmware to more users.

EMUI 14:

It seems the tech giant has paused the EMUI 14 testing and halted it on a few top-end flagship models. Meanwhile, it remains invisible to other smartphone users which is quite frustrating. Yet this halt could be a result of new products unveiling worldwide.

Probably the company may begin expanding the latest EMUI version test to more eligible devices and add new phones to the beta testing list in the coming days.

May 2024 Patch Details:

The information reveals that the patch fixes 2 critical, 19 vulnerabilities in the high-severity mode, and 2 medium issues. It also resolves an extra privacy exposure found in the previous updates, offering a bug-free and more stable user experience.

Huawei has specifically eliminated issues found in the memory, clock, and security modules. It also refined other crucial parts of the overall device’s system.

Below you can check the CVE details of Huawei EMUI May 2024 security patch.

Huawei May 2024 EMUI patch


  • CVE-2023-28540, CVE-2023-22388


  • CVE-2023-21267, CVE-2024-0026, CVE-2024-0027, CVE-2024-23713, CVE-2024-21468, CVE-2024-21472, CVE-2024-0044, CVE-2024-0046, CVE-2023-43518, CVE-2023-43519, CVE-2023-40103, CVE-2023-22385, CVE-2023-24848, CVE-2023-24849, CVE-2023-28550, CVE-2023-28551, CVE-2023-33018, CVE-2023-33040, CVE-2024-0053


  • CVE-2023-21663, CVE-2023-21644


  • None

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2024-0033

These are some of the scientific declarations for Huawei smartphones but all of these contribute to the device’s data security. The company will soon begin to roll out these improvements for your handset.

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