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EMUI 12 vs HarmonyOS 2: Large Folders feature comparison



emui 12 harmonyos large folders

Huawei has started working on a new HarmonyOS 3.0 version under beta trials and we’re here to investigate what the current HarmonyOS and EMUI 12 have in difference. Talking about this matter, we’ll dig into a feature – Large Folders that is the part of both EMUI 12 and HarmonyOS 2.

Smartphones have different options to organize the home screen or simply put, customize it. You can change the wallpaper, theme, and more. Android 12 phones and later can even customize the color of the system user interface based on the color palette generated by the current wallpaper.

But what about apps, is there any way to clean up installed apps and make them functional? Well, EMUI 12 and HarmonyOS 2 run their own league and Large Folders is a feature that we could rely on for this task.

Large Folders allow you to group the phone’s on-screen apps and enable you to use them directly from the grouped apps folder. Meanwhile, all of that accessibility comes without opening the folder first, which makes it one of the best and most useful features to categorize apps on EMUI 12 and HarmonyOS 2.

Appearance and difference:

There are no major or minor differences that have been found in both softwares for the Large Folders feature. However, you may find the HarmonyOS version a bit smoother as compared to EMUI 12.

emui 12 harmonyos large folders

How to use:

All you need to do is to tap and hold any on-screen app and drag and drop it on another on-screen app. But won’t this make a standard app folder? Don’t worry, the real action starts from here.

Touch and hold that standard folder to show a popup menu, from there select “Enlarge” to enlarge the folder. From here you use the apps without opening the folder first.

However, you also have the feature to shrink this large folder back to standard mode. To do that, you need to tap on and hold the large folder and select “Shrink”  to shrink the size of the folder.

So, what do you think about the Large folders feature difference in both of these Huawei softwares? Let us know via the poll linked below.\

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