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EMUI 11 Feature: New Haptic experience for touch interactions and ringtones



Smartphones have evolved so greatly even became an integral part of our daily lives, moving on from the keypad system, your phone brings the information you need in just a few touches.

Touch interactions are very crucial to the way you input or retrieve the data on your smartphone. Touch is actually a two-way sense, sending out and taking in information from our surroundings. That’s why it has been such a major area for researching smartphone user experience, having facilitated the development of intuitive navigation and interactions that travel through the fingers and provide for multisensory immersion.

In the past, Huawei has tried to improve the overall touch response along with the user interface. With EMUI 11, Huawei introduced the new Haptic Experience Design, which further enhances the screen touch and alert experience.

New Ringtone Experience:

Rhythmic Ringtones function is a prime example. It induces the phone to vibrate according to the rhythm of an incoming call ringtone or alarm, engaging the user’s senses of touch and hearing to heighten the navigation experience and notification effectiveness.


Through in-depth research into human factors, it is determined that tactile perception and auditory reaction do not occur at the same time and that targeted processing must be designed to synchronize the audio-tactile stimuli.

The vibration pattern has also been customized to generate different needs of various features.

Now, EMUI 11 has matched the ringtones with stronger vibrations, so you won’t miss a call or an alarm. Furthermore, users can also check a number of different vibration rhythms according to their preference.

To enable synchronized experience:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Sound & vibration
  3. Phone ringtone
  4. Vibration
  5. Select Synchronized

Touch Interaction:

Of course, it’s always important to do it just right, no more, no less. So Huawei’s software engineers applied fine-tuned calibration to ensure that the vibrations don’t test the user’s patience.

Over 51,000 participants were engaged in a rigorous round of user experience tests, to study the relationship between feedback strength and comfort (as seen in the graph on the left). The vibration pattern and strength were then meticulously tweaked for each usage scenario (as shown in the image on the right) to ensure optimal tactile comfort at all times.

(Via – HuaweiCommunity)


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Huawei Watch GT 2 Bluetooth portable ring feature



Huawei Watch GT 2 Bluetooth portable ring

Recently, Huawei Watch GT 2 has grabbed a major software update that comes with a bunch of new features to make users’ daily tasks easier. These new Huawei Watch GT 2 features include a lock screen password, Bluetooth portable ring, Heart Health, and more.

Nowadays, smart devices are an essential part of everyone’s life like headphones are changed from wired to wireless, and watches become smartwatches equipped with smartphone features. So, we are not only evolved around smartphones but what we need is features that connect all devices together for a better experience.

Among these new Huawei Watch GT 2 features, the Bluetooth portable ring is something that consumers want. It can automatically connect three devices of Huawei such as smartphone, smartwatch, and earphone together and realize switching of audio.

So, let’s explore Huawei Bluetooth portable ring feature and its working.


Let’s begin the understanding with an example when you go on a morning walk or exercise you carry a smartphone, earphones, and smartwatch for listening to songs while exercising. But, you have to connect them separately to each other.

But, the Bluetooth portable ring feature saves your steps. When the smartwatch and earphones are paired with the same smartphone. They also automatically connected with each other also.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Bluetooth portable ring

How to enable and what’s the feature:

First, you need to connect the smartwatch and earphones to the same smartphone. When the smartwatch and earphones got disconnected from the smartphone. So, they don’t need to be connected manually, they get connected automatically. Then, if you play music on the watch, the sound will be played on earphones. This is really convenient feature.


Likewise, the same mechanism goes for all three connected devices. While you hear music and there is an incoming call then the call sound is played automatically in earphones this is seamless audio switching. Also, you can get call notifications on the watch if it is connected and earphones are not in connection.

Also, when you are in a rush or crowded areas, where it is difficult to take out the smartphone to take the call. Simply you can get notifications on the smartwatch and answer through earphones.

This feature overall provides cross-device connection means you can operate any device from another connected device. This feature surely makes the user’s daily activities easier.

Supportive Devices:


  • Huawei smartphones with HarmonyOS 2.0 and EMUI 10.1 or later


  • Huawei FreeBuds 4
  • Huawei FreeBuds 3
  • Huawei FreeBuds Pro
  • Huawei FreeBuds Studio
  • Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick


  • Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

(Source: Huawei)

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Huawei Tip: How to resolve fast charging or super fast charging issues




Huawei charging issues

Charing is an essential part of any smartphone, the process enables your device to charge up and makes it ready for a new round of user interaction. Talking specifically about Huawei, these phones have fast and SuperCharge fast technology that provides new 20W, 40W, 66W, and a whopping 100W.

As mentioned above, these charging technologies can fill your Huawei smartphone battery as quickly as their capacities respectively. Therefore, it’s easy to understand the overall work in the background.

However, there could be various issues that may occur while charging your Huawei smartphone such as the phone doesn’t enter in the fast charging mode or the super-fast charging mode.

Still, not every issue of the charge is related to the hardware, as you might be using the wrong accessory to connect your smartphone with a Huawei smartphone.


Let’s look into the issues that could cause your Huawei phone’s charging experience.

Huawei charging issues

Charging Animation or Label:

Once connected to the charging port, the phone will display a charging animation on your smartphone’s display. On some smartphones, the phone could show charging labels such as “Super Charging” “Quick Charging” or “Charging” on your device.

Why my smartphone shows standard charging icons:

Below you can check all of the reasons that could be the reason behind these types of charging issues.


First, Reconnect the charger and data cable and try again. If you insert the cable into the phone too slowly or have not connected them properly, fast charging may not work.

Second, It is recommended that you use a standard Huawei charger and data cable. The charger and data cable will be detected during charging. Fast charging or super-fast charging can be enabled only with the following conditions:

  • Both the phone and charger support fast charging/super-fast charging, and the charging modes are the same.
  • If both your phone and charger support 9 V/2 A Huawei fast charging, the phone can be charged at 9 V/2 A.
  • The type and impedance of the data cable meet the requirements of fast charging. For example, 5 V/4.5 A Huawei SuperCharge requires a data cable supporting a current of 5 A or above (non-standard data cable may not be identified), and the impedance of the data cable should meet the SuperCharge requirements.
  • Check the connection of the phone, data cable, charger, and socket. If the port has dirt or smudges on it, clean the port in a timely manner. (You can use a clean soft brush or use an alcohol liquid cleaner if possible.)
  • If the cable is not completely inserted, remove and insert the cable again.

If you continue to face such charging issues, then it’s recommended for you to backup your smartphone’s data and bring it to the Huawei certified Service center for further assistance.

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How to solve Huawei EMUI update failure issue



Huawei EMUI update issue

Huawei is currently distributing the major software versions for both – HarmonyOS, and EMUI. However, most of the devices launched on the home ground are upgraded over HM OS but global devices are still running the EMUI software update ecosystem.

For further improvements and bug fixes, Huawei continues to deliver monthly and quarterly software updates for devices according to their upgrade cycle. But, sometimes users running on the EMUI software system face update failure issues on their devices.

If you are also facing the update failure issue on your Huawei EMUI device. Then, you are in the right place to find the get the solution. In this article, you get all the possible solutions to resolve the update failure issue on any Huawei EMUI device.

Huawei EMUI update issue

Firstly, let’s take a look at How to update Huawei devices before jumping to solutions.


Here are two ways to update your Huawei device on the latest version. First with phone settings and the second one via the My Huawei app. Both of these are mentioned below:

Via Settings:

To download this update manually through Settings, go to Settings then System & updates, then open Software update, from here select Check for updates. If an update is available it’ll pop up on your phone and an option of Download and install will appear. Press the option and start to download.

Via My Huawei app:


To update your device through the My Huawei app. To do this, open the My Huawei app, tap on the update, then select Check for updates, and then download and install. Press the option and start to download.

Now, let’s jump to the solution to resolve the update failure issue on Huawei EMUI devices:

The software update failure problem is quite common among users. However, the cause of this issue is also common. Just the users need to stay attentive while updating the devices. You can follow the instructions mentioned below to stay away from this issue.

  • The Update package should be downloaded and installed properly.
  • While downloading the update package, data or WiFi connection is required and should be stable.
  • It is compulsory to maintain enough storage to completely download the update
  • Do not forcefully turn off the phone, once installation started.
  • Keep your device battery charged at least 50%.

Keep these points in mind and then, update your EMUI device. If your problem is still not resolved then please let us know in the comment section about the actual issues.

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