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Here are the 5 tips to extend your Huawei phone’s battery life for longer use cases

The battery is one of the important features of the smartphone because without a battery nothing else can work. It is also a key specification, which user look out for when they buy a new device.

With the proper daily care and attention, you can increase the battery life of your smartphone and stay charged for a longer time. Here are the 5 tips for users that help in extending the battery life.

Top 5 tips to increase your battery life:

  1. Stick to genuine products
  2. Avoid overcharging
  3. Low battery is also not good
  4. Pay attention to temperature control
  5. Use smart charging mode

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Huawei Smart Charging Mode

Let’s take a detailed look at these five points:

1. Stick to genuine products

Always use genuine chargers for the best-charging experience because different manufacturers use different charging standards and supercharge methods. Using a poor quality charger not only prevents supercharging but can also damage your smartphone.

2. Avoid overcharging

A battery consists of two electrodes (positive electrode and negative electrode) and an electrolyte, but if the high potential state continues for a long time, the cathode (positive electrode) material slowly decomposes to release oxygen, and then in the electrolyte Solvent molecules oxidize and decompose to produce carbon dioxide gas. These side reactions are irreversible, and with long-term use, the active material and electrolyte gradually wear out and deteriorate.

As a result, the battery also deteriorates over time, affecting performance in various ways, such as a decrease in the ability to store electricity and an increase in internal resistance. Therefore, we recommend that you do not fully charge the battery. It is healthy to keep the battery level between 20% and 80%.

3. Low battery is also not good

There are many users who charge their smartphones after they are completely dead and shut down. In fact, if you use this method for a long time, the battery may malfunction or the power may not turn on. When the battery level is about 20%, you should charge your smartphone. If you leave your smartphone unused for a long time, charge it to about 70% and store it, and occasionally charge the battery.

4. Pay attention to temperature control

Using a smartphone while charging, especially games, watching videos, calling, etc. is an application that consumes a large amount of battery, and when they overlap, the temperature of the smartphone rises steadily.

If the battery is charged for a long time at a high temperature, the chemical reaction inside the battery will accelerate, causing a side reaction that partially upsets the chemical balance, and as a result, the battery will deteriorate.

Stop software that you are not using in the background and do not use your smartphone while charging. Additionally, charging while left in the car, on the sofa, under the pillow, or charging with a non-genuine smartphone case also affects the heat release of the battery.

5. Use smart charging mode

If you often connect your smartphone to the charger before going to bed and leave it on all night, enabling “smart charging mode” can help protect your battery.

After booting, if you let the AI ​​built into the system learn the charging habits of your smartphone when you charge a certain amount of power at night, it will automatically stop charging and avoid the state where the battery is charged for a long time. When the user wakes up, the battery will be 100% charged.

How to enable smart charging mode:

  • Open Settings on your smartphone
  • Tap on Battey and performance
  • Tap on Other Battery Settings
  • Enable Smart Charging Mode




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