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EMUI 11 Tip: How to use new screen refresh rate modes

A higher screen refresh rate means a high level of graphics and performance. Starting with the P40 lineup, Huawei introduced the 90Hz refresh rate and later included it in Mate 40 and other smartphones.

Last December, Huawei launched the Nova 8 Pro, which offers a 120Hz of refresh rate for a mesmerizing user experience but remained inside the Chinese market.

Coming back to the smartphones with 90Hz display, users of these devices have the option to change the display refresh rate between 90Hz (High) to 60Hz (Standard). However, with EMUI 11, the users now have more options to manage their screen refresh rate performance.

Users can now choose from the modes below:

  • Dynamic: Balance smoothness and battery life with a max refresh rate of 90 Hz
  • High: Refresh at up to 90Hz for highly smooth visuals. Uses more power.
  • Standard: Save power by limiting the refresh rate to 60Hz

To do so, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Display & brightness
  3. Screen refresh rate
  4. Select from the given refresh rate mode






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