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EMUI 10 Tip: How to activate Mistouch Prevention



The touch interaction on a smartphone allows users to navigate through the user interface and the whole smartphone functions. However, sometimes when the user puts it in the pocket, the device automatically unlocks and performs different operations.

These operations could also lead to accidental calls to random numbers and to avoid such issues, users of Huawei and Honor smartphones can enable a feature called – Mistouch prevention.

Mistouch Prevention prevents accidental operations from being carried out on your phone when it’s in your pocket or bag. The feature comes activated by default but you can follow the instruction below to enable or disable it on EMUI 10 and above devices.

Activate Mistouch Prevention:

  • Open Settings
  • Accessibility features
  • Mistouch prevention
  • Touch Switch to enable/disable the Mistouch prevention

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