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EMUI 10: One-time development for multi-device deployment



EMUI 10 comes with new design, new features and new improvements that allow it to establish all scenario connections. And to support this new version of EMUI and its ecology the company has also eased up the process of its app development.

EMUI 10: Here are all of the changes and improvements made to the UI

There are more diversified smart devices including smartphones and smart TVs, and with the popularization of application ecosystems, the number of devices and applications of a user is rapidly increasing.

Nowadays users require the same experience services on any device no matter where they are. Consequently, developers have to deal with more challenges in multi-device adaptation, multi-language learning, and cross-device data convergence.

According to Huawei, the new EMUI provides a distributed UI programming framework and virtualizes hardware capabilities. As a result, developers can create apps for multiple devices without needing to make adaptations for the same program.

Also, Huawei said it’ll continue to enhance capabilities of tools and platforms including the Ark Compiler and Huawei DevEco Studio to bring them in a more open environment.

At HDC 2019, It was also stated that Huawei intended to work with developers and industry partners for win-win outcomes and to jointly create innovative experience across all scenarios.

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