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EMUI 10: What is Distributed Technology?




EMUI 10 was officially announced at Huawei Developer Conference 2019 packed with the new user interface, features, and the distributed technology that’s expected to revolutionize the overall user experience.

EMUI 10: Here are all of the changes and improvements made to the UI

Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of the Software Engineering Department at Huawei Consumer Business Group, said that EMUI10 is pioneering distributed technology applications for providing an all-scenario experience.

According to Huawei, the new distributed technology allows EMUI 10 to support HD video calls among multiple devices. Users can make audio and video calls whenever and wherever they are. If there is an incoming call, users can choose to answer using a smart speaker. Or if it is a video call, they can answer through a TV, vehicle-mounted device, or even send a real-time video feed from a drone so that friends and family can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

At work, a smartphone and computer can share screens so that data can be exchanged easily through drag-and-drop made possible by revolutionary distributed technology.

To inherited distributed technology, the hardware capabilities of each device need to first be virtualized. In other words, what a device is capable of, such as in terms of its display, camera, microphone, or speaker, is not based on the device itself but rather a shared resource pool. In this way, each device can be enhanced with required functions or hardware capabilities from the resource pool or by sharing their capabilities with other devices. Therefore, for users and applications, different devices can be merged into one.

Additionally, Huawei said it has taken a good measure of security while using establishing connections between multiple devices. Therefore, only devices with user authentication can be connected to other user devices, and also, communication between devices is encrypted end-to-end high security on data transmission.

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