EMUI 10.1 Feature: Sound Booster

EMUI 10.1 brings plenty of new features and one of them is the new Sound Booster. The Sound Booster feature allows you to amplify your phone’s sound via a Bluetooth speaker. You can also wear Bluetooth earbuds to make the conversation crystal clear, even with a noisy background.

Sound Booster uses the microphone of your phone to pick up sound and then wirelessly transmits the sound to a Bluetooth headset so that people with hearing impairments can hear more clearly or to a Bluetooth speaker for it to be played more loudly.

Application scenarios:

  • When watching TV together, give a Bluetooth headset to an elderly person with a hearing impairment and then place your phone below the TV set to pick up sound and transmit it to the Bluetooth headset.
  • In a noisy environment, use your phone as a microphone and connect it to a Bluetooth speaker for sound to be played more loudly.

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