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Direct EMUI 13.1 rollout will make more sense than EMUI 13



Direct EMUI 13.1

Huawei is currently busy testing EMUI 13 for multiple devices but on the island of relevancy, wouldn’t it make more sense for the Chinese tech maker to release a direct EMUI 13.1 software for all of the smartphones in the global market? Let’s find out why this should happen.

Back in October, we reported EMUI 13 launch, which appeared first on the official global website. The excitement was on top of the sky but the company didn’t announce a roadmap or any plan to upgrade old devices.

This leads us to the launch of the Huawei Mate 50 series for global customers, as it is the first smartphone to bring EMUI 13.0 out of the box. Speaking of which, it is the beneficiary of all of the latest features and created a big wait load among consumers.

Following the next three months of EMUI 13, Huawei didn’t say anything about the testing. There was nothing either in the first three in 2023. Last month, Huawei began testing EMUI 13 but only in the South East Asian markets. It simply means other users can’t join EMUI 13 beta even if they have an eligible smartphone.

EMUI 13.1

Coming to the heart of the matter, Huawei has already revealed that EMUI 13.1 is coming with the latest Huawei P60 series. Also, there is some new software addition in this smartphone lineup that all Huawei users want to grab.

EMUI 13 is already running late and if Huawei is thinking of testing EMUI 13 for other global devices before EMUI 13.1 then it won’t make any sense. But the question is, how it could make such a transition by skipping a major number?

It’s possible

Take instance for Huawei’s former subsidiary, Honor. The phone maker released MagicOS 7.0, which is based on Android 13 in China in November 2022. The company has not announced anything for global consumers for over 4 months.

However, earlier this month (April), Honor started releasing MagicOS 7.1 for global smartphones. In action, the company merged the feature of MagicOS 7.0 into MagicOS 7.1 and upgrade users from Magic UI to MagicOS directly using MagicOS 7.1.

The transition was pending for a long time but Honor finally found its own way to settle the software-related issues. In a similar way, Huawei is lagging behind in providing a major upgrade for all of its users. Therefore it would make more sense if Huawei give away a direct EMUI 13.1 release instead of EMUI 13.0.

There’s no official confirmation available on this matter but we’ll need to wait until the global launch of the Huawei P60 series on May 9th in Munich, which will clear some doubts on this matter.

Direct EMUI 13.1

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