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Dimensity 9300 chip will bring generative AI in smartphones: MediaTek



MediaTek Dimensity

MediaTek is preparing to unveil its next flagship chipset – Dimensity 9300, which will support generative AI to compete against Qualcomm for its upcoming Snapdragon Gen 3 top chip.

MediaTek said it is working with Meta to integrate Llama 2 large language model on smartphones, powered by the upcoming Dimensity flagship chip. Although, the company has not revealed any name for this chip but it is likely to be the Dimensity 9300.

“MediaTek’s next-generation flagship chipset, due to launch later this year, will feature a software stack optimized to run Llama 2, and an upgraded APU with Transformer backbone acceleration, reduced footprint access and DRAM bandwidth usage, further enhancing the performance of LLM and AIGC,” said MediaTek.

The chipmaker also predicts that generative AI applications with Llama 2 with the latest Dimensity chip will be available in the market by the end of this year. And a broader expansion will happen throughout 2024.

In the wake of generative AI and powerful AI tools in smartphones, chip makers are integrating these technologies to provide a new automated user experience and MediaTek Dimensity 9300 could take this competition to a new level.


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