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Huawei talks about 5.5G and AI solutions at Analyst Summit 2024 event



Huawei 5.5G Analyst Summit 2024

On April 17, 2024, Huawei held the Analyst Summit 2024 conference and talked about the 5.5G as well as AI solutions that have elevated digital growth worldwide. The fully introduced AI technology from Huawei has also raised the network capabilities.

The theme of the event was ‘Accelerating towards network intelligence’. The Vice President of the Data Communications Product Line at Huawei – Zhao Zhipeng explained how the company’s AI solutions upgraded the network structure.

Smart network deployment has reached a significant point. Integration of AI with network requirements has enabled the Net5.5G to become more efficient and faster.

Zhao further says that network innovation in the 5.5G era should run in two manners: AI for Networks and Networks for AI. The former will look after a better architecture consisting of smart elements, digital twins, and generative AI for efficient operations.

Huawei 5.5G Analyst Summit 2024

Huawei Analyst Summit 2024 (Image Credits: Huawei)

The latter will be responsible for supporting AI training efficiency and aiding operators with improved and smart computing capabilities. The Vice President cited that the company is at the top when it comes to using network intelligence in data communications.

AI Solutions

Huawei has formed the first AI-based large network model application – Net Master and even boosted the L4 autonomous networks. Some other solutions count HiSec SASE to obtain smart and secured operation efficiency over traditional techs.

Zhao says that the 5.5G network will be officially used in more devices starting this year. Besides, the Global Broadbank Business Association (WBBA) introduced the Net5.5G initiative to begin the development of a high-speed and high-quality network infrastructure.

During the Analyst Summit 2024, the rotating chairman of Huawei – Xu Zhijun added a few words on AI and the 5.5G network:

“Since the release of Huawei’s AI strategy and full-stack, all-scenario AI solutions in October 2018, we have been resolutely executing the strategy and building AI solutions, and continue to promote comprehensive intelligence.”

Huawei 5.5G Analyst Summit 2024

Huawei Analyst Summit 2024 (Image Credits: Huawei)

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