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Counterpoint released Q3 2021 smartphone sales report, Huawei shows even performance



Huawei Smartphone

On 28th October 2021, Counterpoint released Q3 2021 smartphone sales report evaluating the China smartphone market. Despite the US-Sanction, chip shortage, and lack of 5G RF components, Huawei shows even performance for this quarter.

In the last quarter, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Apple, and Huawei gained 23%, 21%, 17%, 14%, and 10% of the market while in 2021 Q3 has Vivo, OPPO, Honor, Xiaomi, and Apple on top five. However, the decline in the former smartphone market ruler is quite expected.

According to the Counterpoint smartphone sales report for Q3 2021, Huawei has a 77% of YoY drop, and an 18% QoQ drop with 13% of the market share. Meanwhile, the company recorded a 10% market share for Q2 2021 while a YoY decrease of 72%.

We can say, the company has a uniform performance with a slight increase in market shares concerning the current situation. There are some factors to be blamed among them 4G processor of the Huawei P50 lineup comes first.

Although the only lacking of this smartphone is negligible seeing its flagship capacity, 5G was on demand during this quarter. Second is the delay in the launch of the Huawei Mate 50 smartphone, which can’t contribute to sales.

In addition, other vendors like Vivo, OPPO, Apple, and Xiaomi were successful to attract users with 5G network demands. It made the users give up on Huawei and enjoy 5G network with other brands. Yet, we hope for the company to regain its market in the upcoming time however, it’ll take a while.

Below you can check the tabular analysis of the Q3 2021 smartphone sales report of Counterpoint-

Counterpoint Q3 2021 report

(Image Source Counterpoint)

Counterpoint Report Highlights: Q3 2021 smartphone sales 

  • Smartphone sales accounted for 79% in China for Q3 2021
  • Smartphone sales in China increased by 3% at a monthly rate
  • The Year on Year market declined by 9%
  • The smartphone’s demands were relatively low 
  • 5G smartphones have become the mainstream offering in the country
  • Vivo conquers the entire market with 22% shares
  • Honor shows the fastest-growing rate and reached the third position
  • Apple recorded the maximum benefits with 48% of YoY growth
  • OPPO Reno 6, OPPO A55, and OPPO A93 contributed most in rising the company’s sale

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