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Huawei Mall starts public test for Beiang’s air purifier MINI



Huawei Mall air purifier

The non-consumable air purifier MINI of Bianang goes for the public test activity on Huawei Mall. This model has various advantages over the previous generation products. It comes with a smaller seize and smarter functions to let the users give more benefits.

The company specifically designed this product to place in bedrooms as it produces reduces noises while working. Thereby, users can rest assured about their sleep. Let’s check the pricing and capabilities of this product-

Huawei Mall: Air Purifier Pricing

Huawei Mall is charging only 999 Yuan for this smart air purifier while its official price is rated as 1999 Yuan. In addition, there are lucky draw public activities on buying this machinery with the reward of 5 free orders. Furthermore, the air purifier will start shipping from November 5th for the first batch of Huawei Mall orders.

 Bianang’s Air Purifier MINI Specifications:

Starting with its carbon footprint, Bianang MINI Air Purifier only leaves 0.067M squares which is equivalent to A4 paper 0.062 squares. the machinery has a small and portable design that can be easily placed next to the aisle, sofa, and beds.

Moving ahead to the working capabilities, it offers 32.2dB(A) sleep mode and works in silent. Additionally, it has smart upgrades, light sensing, human sensing, and AI voice control to provide easy controls and maintenance.

In this line, the purifier integrates a high-voltage electric field, electronic materials, aerodynamics, and other technologies. This arrangement generates a high-energy ion field of 20,000 volts to capture dust, purify, and disinfect.


Compared with the traditional purifiers, this mini version doesn’t need a HEPA filter regularly instead relies on ion field purification. Besides, it has three light indicators of yellow, red, and green that respectively symbolize excellent, good, and poor air quality.

Users can easily manage this product with their smartphones with the support of Huawei Smart Life App control. Additionally, it comes with a head swing angle, child lock switch, and wind speed wheel to set different modes according to the need.

(Source: CNMO)

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