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Chinese smartphone makers are naive to think that Huawei market share is vacated for them: Honor CEO



Huawei Honor CEO

Huawei‘s former subsidiary – Honor has released the Honor 60 series smartphones. However, Honor CEO, Zhao Ming has announced that Chinese smartphone makers should not be naive that the market vacated by Huawei will only be divided into them. This is quite a bold statement that has been made by the smartphone maker’s chief and showcases the reality of the market that has players such as Apple with a very strong presence.

Last November, Honor became an independent smartphone maker and its market fell to 3 percent after its breakup with Huawei. After regaining supply chain access, Honor has reached the top three Chinese smartphone makers in the third quarter and gained 17 percent of the total market share.

Since Huawei has lost a big chunk of the Chinese smartphone market share, more and more smartphone makers are looking to take advantage of this situation and quickly gather the market share.

Huawei Honor CEO

However, Apple’s market share and its performance remain strong in the country, and in October, most of the Chinese smartphone sellers have shown that the iPhone 13 has topped every rating.

Regarding this, Zhao said that it’s very naive and naive to think that the market left by Huawei has vacated to be divided into several domestic brands. On the other hand, the market will never tolerate this kind of naiveness.

The Honor chief said that the company will continue to innovate and will launch new high-end flagship devices aiming at surpassing the strongest competitors.

(Source – Sohu)

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