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ChinaSoft development board gets HarmonyOS compatibility certification



Chinasoft board harmonyos

Today, Education and Training development board from Chinasoft International recently passed compatibility certification for open source HarmonyOS, OpenHarmony.

According to the information, the ChinaSoft development board is compatible with OpenHarmony 3.1 (HarmonyOS) release version with complete ecosystem support. The evaluation of this development is a key element to ensure that the connection and interoperability of the OpenHarmony ecosystem product will match.

According to Chinasoft, the teaching and training development board that passed the compatibility evaluation this time uses the W800 chip of Lianshengde IoT Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dual-mode as the main control chip.

Chinasoft board harmonyos

It can be used in LCD screens, ultrasonic radars, RGB light strips, and other options. Functional modules can be used in the field of education and training to build various development and training scenarios.

For instance, in the smart home training scenario, the education and training development board can be matched with smart curtains, smart fans, smart light belts, human body sensors, and other equipment to adapt the connection and control of home devices.

In the sports and health training scene, it can be matched with smart bracelets, Pedometers, temperature sensors, and other equipment that can monitor exercise data and health status in real time.

What is an education and training board?

The education and training development board has the characteristics of multi-scenario distributed experience, flexible expansion, flexible combination, and high-cost performance.

It can reduce the entry threshold for OpenHarmony development, promote its applications in many IoT fields, and can satisfy education development and training in one stop It facilitates end-to-end teaching for teachers in major universities, vocational schools, and education and training institutions, and helps students and developers improve their professional skills.

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