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Huawei Petal apps users received 6 million views on Instagram



huawei petal 6 million

Huawei Petal apps universe is useful and consists of different services including maps, search, and video editing as well. Recently a group of Instagram users has created a journey by Huawei Petal Maps, Petal Search, and Petal Clip and received 6 million views.

Skillful Instagrammers from France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania, and Turkey joined this adventure. These Instagrammers used Huawei phones with Petal apps such as Petal Maps and Petal Search for different purposes including navigation, search, shopping, and various things.

The content creators used Petal Clip to edit these videos on the go and upload them instantly.

According to the information, videos made by these Instagrammers have received 6 million views using Huawei Petal apps.

Petal Maps:

Petal Maps is a navigation service designed and developed by Huawei. The app is available in over 140 countries and regions, lets you get your current location, browse the map, search for places, and add your favorites, displays real-time traffic conditions, events, and loads more.

Petal Search:

Huawei Petal Search offers Favorite apps, instant searches, daily weather, live sports, and newsfeeds. Users can also sort searches related to Videos, News, and Image categories.

huawei petal 6 million


While each of the influencers represents a different lifestyle, one thing was prevalent across their Petal Journeys. These apps proved to be a great fit in their day-to-day life. No matter if you’re a fashionista, backpacker, or a busy parent (or all the above!) you’ll find these useful.

Need to know where to eat tonight? Petal Search it! Need to find inspiration on what to wear? Petal Search it! Need to figure out how to get somewhere without traffic? Petal Map it!

Just like the Instagrammers, you can enjoy the full range of features Petal Maps and Search has to offer. Real-time route planning, offline maps, nearby services, and visual search which is particularly fantastic for sightseeing, landmarks, and shopping.

No matter if you’re in a big city, or find yourself in the middle of nowhere, these apps have got you covered.

(Source – PRNewsWire)

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