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China was forced to create its own blacklist after the US restriction on Huawei: Analyst



The Chinese Ministry of Commerce Department announced that it would blacklist unreliable businesses in the country and later on, it’s being said that China was forced act in this way because of its biggest tech company was blacklisted in the US.

China responds to the US: Will blacklist ‘unreliable’ foreign businesses or individuals
Mei Xinyu, a research fellow at a research institute under the commerce ministry, said Beijing was “forced” to draw up a blacklist after the US restrictions on Huawei, reported SCMP.

“This is the last resort,” he said. “The companies that have been blacklisted will be restricted in terms of sales, investments and business licenses. For relevant individuals, their travel, activities, and employment in China will all be rejected.”

The Ministry of Commerce said on Friday said that it would blacklist foreign businesses or individuals that violated market rules and contractual obligations or took “discriminatory measures” to hurt Chinese business rights and interests, as well as national security and interests,

“We hope [the compliance officers] will not act too outrageously, or else they will also be added to the blacklist, and in the future, those individuals and their families, as well as their organizations’ activities in China, will also be restricted,” Mei said.

“We hope the American people and American businesses will understand. We hope the world’s people and businesses will understand,” he added.

The decision to blacklist “unreliable” businesses and individuals has the potential to hurt thousands of foreign firms operating in the country, which business groups have said would be at grave risk.

The latest move by Beijing is a direct reaction to the US Commerce Department’s decision to add Huawei and 70 affiliates on an “entity list” over national security concerns, an indirect way to restrict the company’s technology from entering the US market.

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