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China and Russia to cooperate on the development of HarmonyOS, OpenEuler and AuroraOS



auroraos harmonyos

In the wake of Huawei‘s demise from the U.S. sanctions, more and more companies have now been working to develop new supply chains that will lead towards a new industry. However, there are some times when two countries can also participate in the field to find the interest of these firms.

According to a recent report, the Chinese Premier and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the “two parties”) held the 26th regular meeting in the form of a video and announced the joint statement. Most interestingly, the statement mentioned OpenEuler and HarmonyOS.

The statement has clearly revealed the cooperation between Russia and China countries to grow the cooperation and develop further ther operating systems including AuroraOS, HarmonyOS, and EulerOS. The cooperation was also signed to promote business activities between both markets.

auroraos harmonyos

This is the first time that Euler and HarmonyOS have been mentioned in the joint session of the summit of the two governments.

  • HarmonyOS is a smart terminal operating system for the Internet of Everything
  • Similar to HarmonyOS, AuroraOS is a mobile operating system developed in Russia. It is based on the open-source Sailfish OS. At present, Russia has adopted Aurora as the operating system recommended by the government and state-owned enterprises.
  • The Euler open source operating system (openEuler, referred to as “Euler”) is an open source operating system for digital infrastructure, supporting server, cloud computing, edge computing, embedded and other application scenarios, supporting diverse computing, and committed to providing security and stability, easy-to-use operating system. By providing deterministic guarantee capabilities for applications, it supports applications in the OT field and the integration of OT and ICT.

Latest update:

OpenEuler community has carried out in-depth cooperation with Russian operation system makers and is currently developing a commercial release based on the OpenEuler open-source operating system.

(via – sohu)

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