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Huawei launches medical imaging system that converts 2D visuals into 3D



Huawei medical imaging system

Today, Huawei and Weizhuo Zhiyuan held a product launch conference with the theme of “Medical Imaging At Your Fingertips” and launched a new “Reading Picture Bao” (translated) smart medical imaging system.

This new Huawei medical imaging system can not only combine 3D smart imaging systems but detect the intuitive and precise location of the lesion and also help doctors realize remote consultation and real-time two-way interaction to improve the efficiency of case discussion, teaching rounds, remote consultation, and doctor-patient communication.

It also greatly improves the efficiency of case discussion, teaching rounds, remote consultation, and doctor-patient communication.

Traditional film or computer reading methods are based on two-dimensional tomographic images, which require doctors to have extremely high spatial imagination and reduction capabilities. Younger doctors often cannot obtain comprehensive and accurate clinical information from two-dimensional images.

Huawei medical imaging system

If you encounter a difficult case, it is extremely difficult to read through two-dimensional black and white images, and it is easy to be misdiagnosed, missed, and misdiagnosed. The image communication in multi-person or remote consultation is prone to information out of synchronization, and the doctor-patient communication cannot be accurate and describe the condition and risk, etc.

The photo-reading system jointly created by Huawei and Weizhuo Zhiyuan uses artificial intelligence technology to greatly improve the ability of medical image post-processing and is based on the smart three-dimensional reconstruction of medical image data.

The entire system provides doctors with more comprehensive, intuitive, and accurate clinical information. In addition, the organic combination of ReadPianbao software and smart large screen solves the problem of multi-person consultation with touch and handwriting and realizes remote image communication through the remote conference feature.

Huawei has built a smart system of three-dimensional perception, multi-domain collaboration, precise judgment, and continuous evolution – medical agent through the collaborative and integrated development of connectivity, cloud, AI, computing, devices, and medical industry applications. On this basis, Huawei’s smart screen terminal provides smart collaboration and audio-visual conference features for the telemedicine system.

Huawei medical imaging system

Weizhuo Zhiyuan:

Weizhuo Zhiyuan focuses on the research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as medical artificial intelligence, cloud computing, holographic visualization, and intelligent surgical navigation robots, and has in-depth cooperation with 301 Hospital, Chinese Union Medical College Hospital, and many other well-known medical institutions.

This time, Huawei and Weizhuo Zhiyuan’s PhotoViewer system is an integrated solution composed of software and hardware, including PhotoViewer software, high-performance workstations, and large touch screens.

  • At the software level, the core of ReadPianbao is AI algorithm and image processing technology, which can automatically generate three-dimensional models to provide doctors with more comprehensive, intuitive, and three-dimensional image information.
  • In terms of hardware, the high-sensitivity, low-latency, and ultra-clear 4K smart terminal adopted by Photoshop can realize the communication between multiple people in the way of touch interaction, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of medical information transmission. The intelligent conference function preset by the intelligent terminal ensures that the remote image consultation can be carried out anytime and anywhere.
  • At the level of teaching ward rounds, Reading Pictures can realize from two-dimensional reading to three-dimensional smart images, presenting rich image information from a higher dimension and a wider field of vision, making clinical diagnosis and treatment techniques easier to understand and master, and disseminating and communicating medical knowledge. More efficient, help optimize the learning curve and growth path of young doctors, and save time and cost of learning and training.
  • At the level of case discussion, this imaging system can meet the needs of multi-person consultation and remote consultation. Its unique touch interaction, three-dimensional reconstruction, annotation synchronization and other functions can more intuitively and three-dimensionally display the three-dimensional structure of the lesion and the surrounding important organs. Information such as measurement and annotation can be saved and recalled at any time.
  • At the level of doctor-patient communication, the unique three-dimensional imaging function of ReadPianbao allows patients and their families who do not have medical knowledge to understand the condition of the disease more intuitively and accurately, and fully understand the treatment methods and risks, which not only protects the patient’s right to know , Also objectively avoid medical disputes caused by understanding differences.
  • At the level of remote consultations, ReadPianbao can initiate or join remote consultations anytime and anywhere. It supports video, voice, image, and handwritten annotations, and consultation opinions can be archived by multiple parties.

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