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Check the 200MP smartphone camera [Video]



Samsung 200mp smartphone camera

Smartphone camera sensors continue to evolve, and South Korean tech maker – Samsung is making these sensors even bigger in quality and size marked as ISOCELL. Recently, Samsung shared a look at what a 200MP ISOCELL camera sensor can really do on a smartphone.

Minhyuk Lee, an engineer from the Sensor Solutions Team at Samsung’s System LSI Business said a few words about this 200MP camera.

“I have always wondered just how big you could go when it comes to printing out a 200MP image”

According to Samsung, the benefit of using a 200MP camera sensor is to allow smartphone users to capture an image that can be zoomed in and cropped without compromising on image quality. Surely, we believe that such a camera could do something good for the consumer if it’s not only about numbers.

Samsung 200mp smartphone camera

As for now, Samsung has not announced any of the devices that will launch with this 200MP camera sensor. And since, Samsung can sell this sensor to other phone makers, it could be featured on phone makers.

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