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Check Huawei XMAGE official introduction Video



Huawei XMAGE official video

Huawei XMAGE is out with Huawei Mate 50 series and it’s the only phone with this imaging technology but now, Huawei has also published an official introduction video of XMAGE, which you can take a look at below.

Last year in July, Huawei launched XMAGE, its own mobile camera imaging system to outcast Leica from flagship devices. In October, the company unveiled XMAGE with its first smartphone.

The new camera imaging system helps users to take vivid and high-quality pictures in different scenarios. Huawei has tuned XMAGE with new optimizations and it is built around various capabilities required to take a perfect shot.

Huawei describes XMAGE as a breakthrough in mobile photography technology and will pave the way for future Huawei flagship devices for a better camera user experience.

That’s not it, XMAGE helps users to you take advantage of all of the camera modes such as macro and portrait shots with pre-installed algorithms and suggest the best shot possible.

The official introduction video of XMAGE shows how Huawei has evolved in the world of photography with the past smartphones. It also shows the significance of the past NEXTIMAGE contest and how different profound photographers think in the way capture any scenario.

Check the Huawei XMAGE official introduction video below.

Huawei XMAGE official video

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