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CCTV Media becomes first to complete HarmonyOS native app development



CCTV complete HarmonyOS app development

CCTV is the China Media Broadcasting Network service which has now become the first to complete the HarmonyOS native app development. The company has fully adapted to the self-developed software and will soon showcase new features.

Huawei and CCTV News joined hands two months back during the 2024 Innovative Program conference. Both parties discussed the HarmonyOS Ecosystem expansion strategy and launched the HarmonyOS native app development for the CCTV app.

After a gap of two months, Huawei now announces that CCTV is the first to complete the HarmonyOS native app development and adapt to the HarmonyOS NEXT version for the CCTV application. The latest build is easy to use and extremely reliable.

CCTV app users will also observe native security, smart functions, and enhancements in technical capabilities. The new version enriches the user interface elements like the Homepage, audio and visual effects, Radio, Search features, and more.

CCTV complete HarmonyOS app development

CCTV completes HarmonyOS app development (Image Credits: Weibo)

Other additions include new themes, the live broadcast list page, an account system page, and the sign-in points section. In the coming time, the app will adapt the dark mode, one-click login, and some useful features for efficient performance.

Huawei further mentions that the CCTV app will integrate with the Celia intentional framework and relevant services in the future to provide users with a much better and more proficient experience. Here’s what the tech giant wrote on HarmonyOS Weibo:

“As the national team of Internet news dissemination and an important new media platform of the main station, CCTV leads the Hongmeng ecological process in thousands of industries and will provide valuable experience and reference for accelerating the development of Hongmeng native applications!”

CCTV complete HarmonyOS app development

HarmonyOS native app development (Image Credits: Weibo)

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