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Bilibili Video completes HarmonyOS native app beta development



Bilibili HarmonyOS native app beta

Popular video platform Bilibili has now completed the HarmonyOS native app beta development. Huawei and its partners are gradually reaching the final stage to meet the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app versions and offer an enriched user experience.

Station B (Bilibili) is the first video application in China to finish the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app version beta adaptation and obtain new enhancements for its users.

Bilibili recently announced that it has completed the HarmonyOS native app beta development. This testing version has settled with the medium and long video consumption features as well as enhanced several video-related tools for its customers.

Now the overall video compilation (related to a large number of modules) time which usually takes over 20 minutes to complete, will only take 5 minutes or even less.

One can explore through popular lists on the homepage, recommend, or enjoy their favorite video content more efficiently. Users can indulge in the community and participate in ongoing activities like one-click triple connection and post comments.

Bilibili HarmonyOS native app beta

Bilibili HarmonyOS native app beta (Image Credits: ITHome)

Huawei and Bilibili have joined hands four months ago to launch a new phase for the respective video application. As of now, Bilibili says that it will continue to work with Huawei to spread its services across more devices with HarmonyOS support.

Station B further adds that future app versions will improve the video quality, visual effects, and consumption traits to a significant extent. It will also offer smart, secure, as well as better interaction with consumers.

A few revelations say that HarmonyOS native applications will show on the consumer platform by the fourth quarter of this year. Meanwhile, the tech giant is likely to bring a major and mysterious upgrade as well.

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