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Car industry will shift similar to Smartphones: Huawei CEO



Huawei Consumer Business CEO, Yu Chengdong with Smartphone

Huawei Consumer and Smart Car Business CEO, Yu Chengdgong predicts that the car industry will see a major shift among car makers similar to smartphones.

In a media interview, Yu told that the global car industry is undergoing a major reshuffle, similar to the smartphone industry more than ten years ago. Eventually, the mobile phone industry was dominated by American Silicon Valley companies and Chinese companies, as well as one from South Korea.

After the launch of the Huawei P20 series in 2018, Yu said that there will only be three smartphone manufacturers left in the world. These are Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. In the coming years, the low-key players will vanish from the market and there are only a few headed toward the future.

Similar to smartphones, the car industry will also reshuffle and it has already begun, said YU.

“In the future, many companies will definitely undergo major mergers and major adjustments, and a large number of them may die. I believe that the manufacturers who work closely with us will surely become the few survivors. I am still confident about this.” Yu emphasized.

Huawei itself fall into many problems while selling smartphones but selling car is completely different according to the tech maker.

“We didn’t have this ability before, and this is also a new phenomenon and a new problem, which we didn’t know before.” Told Yu.

Cars under 200,000 yuan will no longer be available. Huawei will expand the market together, focusing on high-end products.

AITO M5 and M7 will have high-end intelligent driving assistance versions this year, which are added to the existing versions. High-precision maps are not used, because relying on high-precision maps is difficult to popularize.

Just use ordinary maps, and use our fusion perception, algorithm, and AI to achieve a leading intelligent assisted driving experience.

Yu Chengdong once again told that Huawei is a communication company. Electrification, intelligence, and networking are the new three modernizations, and these are all are under Huawei’s expertise.

Automakers are good at mechanical aspects, and Huawei is good at human factor research and quality experience. We will not build Huawei-branded cars and present them among customers

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