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AITO Wenjie is a Huawei ecosystem car: Huawei



Aito m5 Smart Car Huawei

AITO has created a lot of headlines in the past few months because of its success in sales and the credit goes to its partner and cooperator Huawei, as the car falls into its smart car selection ecosystem.

Today, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Smart Car Business Unit gave more details on the cooperation with AITO parent company, SERES, and other car makers. Yu said that Huawei Hi technology-equipped models of Avita are solely led by the car manufacturer and Huawei only provides smart car solutions.

The smart cockpit is made by Huawei and the product-related decision as well as manufacturing and experience is decided by the car manufacturer. The future direction depends on the ability of the car company, because the car make is the main one, and Huawei is the auxiliary, adding the smart car head.

AITO Wenjie is a joint brand of Huawei and SERES and works on a smart selection operation model. Huawei has also created a business model for the AITO brand, which falls under Huawei’s smart car ecosystem.

The company is expecting that this cooperation between the two firms will continue for a long time. Yu Chengdong also explained that car companies that cooperate with Huawei in the smart selection mode will become Huawei OEMs in the future:

Some people say that Cyrus is an OEM model, but in fact, the two parties are jointly researching and developing. Huawei not only provides components, but also understands the needs of consumers in terms of design, quality, user experience, overall quality control, and OTA version upgrades.

He expressed that Huawei does not have the qualifications to manufacture cars, nor does it have the people who make complete cars. However, Huawei can provide smart software, chips, design, experience, quality control, and more.

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