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BYD Tang SUV gets new Huawei HiCar features with OTA update



BYD Tang

BYD Tang is a big family car and the automaker I rolling out a big software update for this car system that installs various new features including brand-new functionalities for Huawei HiCar.

What is Huawei HiCar?

It is a Human-Car Family All-Scenario Smart Cross-device solution provided by Huawei Connect mobile devices and cars to create the best smart travel experience.

BYD DiLink x Huawei HiCar supports extremely simple wireless or wired connections. Only the first connection needs to enter the connection code. When connecting again, the system will automatically ask whether to connect, and the user only needs to click to confirm.

BYD DiLink x Huawei HiCari allows services and applications to flow freely between the car device and the smartphone. Enter the car, open the Huawei HiCar in DiLiink, and the corresponding feature widget will automatically pop up on the screen, and you can click the number to navigate to the destination.

Huawei HiCar update QQ music

Other than these, the update contains, DiTrainer coaching mode, which allows you to get advantages of the synchronization between the car and smartphones.

It also has a new radar distance digital display with a panoramic image interface 2D top view radar alarm area, which can digitally present the distance value of obstacles detected by radar.

There’s a new smart power on and off feature for a convenient on and off. HWA high-speed driving assist allows driving comfortably on single-lane with cruise control and LCA interaction lane change control.

There’s also new music rhythm atmosphere light and multi-scenario smart voice.

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