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Huawei XLight: A new smart car lighting solution



huawei xlight

Huawei is bringing new solutions for smart car makers and the company has introduced an important lighting solution, XLight for the smart car industry.

According to the information, the Huawei XLight solution enables important features and provides safety. This solution can automatically adjust diversified light patterns according to real road conditions, preset algorithm pixel-level brightness adjustment, and adapt to road mode switching.

Huawei XLight supports low-beam enhanced features for small roads in urban areas and remote villages to ensure brighter and detect obstacles more effectively.

huawei xlight

It has an adaptive high beam system ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam), and through the self-developed precise perception algorithm, it can provide accurate shading of people and vehicles. This also ensures that the high beam does not interfere with other traffic participants.

Huawei’s car lighting system customizes the car language interaction to make the car understand you better. The smart algorithm light blanket accurately fits the lane, and the anti-shake algorithm realizes high-quality projection.

The width-displaying light carpet displays a hint of the width line in front of the car to assist in driving in narrow lanes. The interactive light carpet can flash to express interactive intentions, effectively avoiding collisions in blind spots.

huawei xlight

This new smart car light system brings a mega pixel-accurate visual experience. It extends the third type of space outside the car and enhances the sense of consumer experience. Furthermore, there’s support for the customized welcome, including work mode, home mode, birthday party, and festival anniversaries, creating a sense of ritual in life.

Huawei said that the solution has three core highlights: ultimate shape, the high-definition field of view, and intelligent light control.

As compared to other options in the industry, Huawei XLight has the industry-leading advantage of small size. This brings flexibly adapted to more models, megapixels provide the ultimate experience with high-pixel, high-definition lighting.

Huawei’s self-developed image processing algorithm lane prediction fits, smart anti-shake, and dual-light fusion. With the top image processing algorithm, it provides more scene application value by independently controlling each pixel, building a human car, and a vehicle-to-vehicle interconnection.

huawei xlight

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