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New Huawei HiCar update brings super home screen



Huawei HiCar update QQ music

Huawei HiCar is receiving a new update that brings support to the QQ Music service. On the other hand, the update also adds the super home screen feature and a bunch of elements to enhance the overall experience for users.

For your information, Huawei HiCar is a seamless solution that allows users to switch between smartphone and car applications accordingly. For instance, you can manage and operate music, check map locations, and more without diving into your phone.

Earlier this week, Huawei announced upgrading its HiCar solution with new and efficient tech features. It seems like the company has begun seeding the software update to bring smart facilities for consumers.

In the latest edition, the Chinese manufacturer has pushed off a new update for Huawei HiCar which supports QQ Music services. Users can effectively stream popular songs and hit playlists using the QQ Music platform.

Addition of Super Home Screen

On the flip side, the update also adds the super home screen on the surface with dynamic smart widgets. These widgets are also capable of displaying the lyrics of a song on the screen.

Furthermore, the update provides a voice assistant function (voice adopter) to the HiCar solution. The respective function supports non-stop dialogues and depicts, and can reliably work on users’ commands.

Next, the firmware brings a fresh and updated version of the Gaode Map application. The 12.02.xx version enhances the navigation features of the maps and optimizes location-finding and searching operations.

Eventually, with this update, the Huawei HiCar solution will offer an easy and convenient interconnection to users. Besides, you can enjoy stable wireless connectivity between your smartphone and smart car after this update.

As of now, there are a limited number of features. But we could find more new tweaks and tugs in the time ahead. Till then, you can enjoy the mentioned function in your car with the Huawei HiCar solution.

Huawei HiCar update QQ music


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