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Breaking: Huawei P40 series will come with HarmonyOS, if not allowed to use Google Mobile Services



During the Q&A session on the sidelines of IFA 2019 Press Conference, Huawei CEO of Consumer Business Group, Yu Chengdong/Richard Yu told media that Huawei will launch its HarmonyOS in smartphone by early next year if not allowed to use Gooogle Mobile Services (GMS).

HarmonyOS soon coming to Huawei smartwatches and laptops, says global product manager

“Huawei has a good partnership and collaboration with Google and the US government has put us in the Entity-List that prohibits us from using Google Mobile Services for future smartphones and if it doesn’t change, we’ll come with our own OS with our ecosystem with HarmonyOS Mobile Services,” said Yu.

Again, Yu said “Our HarmonyOS is ready to use on Smartphones”, which is clashing with some other executives’ statements, saying that we don’t have an alternative OS except the Android.

“Our HarmonyOS is ready for smartphone use but we decide to not use it and still awaiting the US government to let us use Android and if they continue to not allow us to use Google Mobile Services, we’ll use our HarmonyOS. Yu added.

The CEO also told that the first smartphone to use HarmonyOS will be the Huawei P40 series scheduled for March 2020.

Huawei has announced to launching Mate 30 smartphone on September 19 but the phone series is unconfirmed to come with Google apps bundle due to the US Entity-List. However, a spokesperson confirmed that the company is launching  Mate 30 series is powered by Android with or without the GMS.

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