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BOE: Foldable phone price will drop to around $1500 by 2021



If you love Foldable phones you should wait till 2021, because at that time you may get it a little cheap.

Zhang Yu, senior vice president of BOE, said in an interview that the Foldable phone price will be reduced to about 10,000 yuan ($1492) by 2021.

In February 2019, Huawei released the foldable screen mobile phone, Huawei Mate X, in Barcelona, which sold for 2,299 euros ($2592) (about 17416 yuan) and will be sold in the middle of this year.

Huawei has admitted that its screen supplier is the Chinese company BOE. This means that the cost of Foldable phone will drop by more than 5,000 yuan in two years.

There’s a good reason to reduce cost — Yu said, various screen panel companies will release production capacity, on the other hand, material costs will also drop significantly after two years.

In addition, Zhang Yu did not deny the news that Huawei purchased TV screens from BOE screens. He added that the cost of 55-inch 4k TV panels is around $200.

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