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Huawei overtakes Samsung and Qualcomm in 2023 global patent application listing



Huawei Samsung 2023 global patent

Huawei secured the top position in the 2023 global patent application list, surpassing Samsung and Qualcomm. The information reveals that the Chinese market is one of the largest sources of global patents, with a significant contribution from Huawei.

Recently, the World Intellectual Property Organization uncovered the global patent filing figures for 2023. The overall patent submission for last year was 272,600 which is a 1.8% YoY decrement for the first time in 14 years.

However, Huawei has ranked first in the global patent with 6494 applications whereas, Samsung appeared in the second place with 3924 submissions. On the other hand, Qualcomm grabbed third spot in this listing with 3410 applications.

Compared to 2023, the Chinese tech giant is seeing a slight decline in global patents (7689 last year). Yet, Huawei is leading with good scores and has overtaken its top-most rivals like Samsung and Qualcomm in the 2023 global patent listing.

Huawei Samsung 2023 global patent

2023 Global Patent Listing (Credits: MyDrivers)

Other tech vendors that entered the top five rankings are the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation from Japan with 2152 applications and BOE from China with 1988 patent applications.

The report further describes that the computer tech field has the highest proportion of patents this time with 10.2%. Thereafter, the innovation of digital communication and electrical machinery appears on the list with 9.4 and 7.9% respectively.

Eventually, Huawei continues to issue new patents related to advanced technologies for communication, automobile features, wearables, folding phones, and more. Perhaps, the company would excel with more iconic grades in this listing in the time ahead.


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