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ASML 1980Di tool is now under US export ban, used to make advanced computer chip




ASML, the world’s largest lithography equipment maker, said on Wednesday that its product – 1980Di is now under the US export ban announced this week.

After the Q3 business results announcement, the ASML CEO, Peter Wennink said in a press conference that he is still seeing massive demand from Chinese chipmakers despite the latest export ban from the US and Dutch governments.

However, he also mentioned that a tool, which was overlooked by the Dutch government is now banned by the U.S. administration. ASML chief confirmed this restricted product as 1980Di, which is used to make both advanced computer and mid-range chipsets.

“In principle the 1980s would fall under the export control restrictions, but only when … (they) are used for advanced semiconductor manufacturing,” Wennink said.

However, he also argued that only a few of the chipmakers inside China could be considered advanced equipment users. While the rest of them aren’t.

ASML is the largest supplier of lithography equipment used by top chipmakers including TSMC, Samsung, and Intel. Also, China holds the third rank in its customer geography after the US and Taiwan.

To conclude, He mentioned that about 15% of the ASML sales to China will be affected by the latest US restrictions.


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