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April 2021 Huawei EMUI security patch details are here, HarmonyOS mobile software launching this month



At present, Huawei is engaged in lots of new activity including HarmonyOS public beta, concluding EMUI 11, preparing for upcoming flagship launches, and much more that is going inside the company.

EMUI 11 rollout status:

Since the launch of EMUI 11, Huawei simultaneously began the recruitment of devices, which were compatible to run with the latest custom OS. At the moment, most of the models were upgraded over EMUI 11 in the mainland as well as started enjoying new features and changes.

Meanwhile, EMUI 11 rollout in the overseas market is going and according to the official schedule, it will touch all devices and reach to finish line somewhere in April 2021. Aside from this, some EMUI 11 eligible devices haven’t got any confirmation about major update rollout. Still, their status is unconfirmed.

HarmonyOS status:

HarmonyOS is Huawei’s self-developed operating system with new distributed capabilities. Last December, Huawei released HarmonyOS mobile beta for developers and at the same started enrolling some of the selected devices for its beta testing.

To date, three beta builds of HarmonyOS mobile developer beta were rolled out and the company is planning to start the public beta testing this April 2021, following its release. Recently, multiple Huawei smartphones such as P30, P40, and Mate 40 caught working on HarmonyOS 2.0.0 beta version.

Apart from major updates, Huawei never forgets to deliver regular monthly and quarterly software updates for its devices. These updates come from time to time and bring security patches for further system security improvements.

As recently, Huawei has released the latest April 2021 security notes details published by Android security bulletin, which will be soon rollout for Huawei devices.

April 2021 security patch details: This security update fixes 17 high and 69 medium levels of CVE, which defend the device against threats. Check the more details below.

The following are the CVE announced in April 2021 EMUI security update Android security bulletin.

Critical: None

High: CVE-2019-9345,CVE-2020-0261,CVE-2021-0437,CVE-2021-0400,CVE-2021-0429,CVE-2021-0431,CVE-2021-0433,CVE-2021-0435,CVE-2021-0436,CVE-2021-0438,CVE-2021-0443,CVE-2021-0444,CVE-2021-0471,CVE-2020-11308,CVE-2020-11290,CVE-2020-11309,CVE-2021-0399

Medium: CVE-2020-0479,CVE-2020-0480,CVE-2020-0485,CVE-2020-27052,CVE-2020-0482,CVE-2020-0500,CVE-2020-0478,CVE-2020-0483,CVE-2020-0492,CVE-2020-27035,CVE-2020-0491,CVE-2020-27038,CVE-2020-0202,CVE-2020-27030,CVE-2020-27036,CVE-2020-27044,CVE-2020-27045,CVE-2020-27048,CVE-2020-27049,CVE-2020-27050,CVE-2020-27051,CVE-2020-27054,CVE-2020-0280,CVE-2020-0476,CVE-2020-27021,CVE-2020-27024,CVE-2020-27027,CVE-2020-27028,CVE-2020-27031,CVE-2020-27032,CVE-2020-27033,CVE-2020-27034,CVE-2020-27037,CVE-2020-27039,CVE-2020-27040,CVE-2020-27047,CVE-2020-27055,CVE-2020-27056,CVE-2020-27029,CVE-2019-9458,CVE-2019-9455,CVE-2020-0369,CVE-2020-0322,CVE-2020-0323,CVE-2020-0336,CVE-2020-0346,CVE-2020-0356,CVE-2020-0357,CVE-2020-0358,CVE-2020-0406,CVE-2020-0270,CVE-2020-0324,CVE-2020-0355,CVE-2020-0359,CVE-2020-0364,CVE-2020-0354,CVE-2020-0298,CVE-2020-0299,CVE-2020-0309,CVE-2020-0291,CVE-2020-0292,CVE-2020-0302,CVE-2020-0307,CVE-2020-0349,CVE-2020-0365,CVE-2020-0197,CVE-2021-0371,CVE-2021-0377,CVE-2020-25211

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2020-0169,CVE-2020-0170,CVE-2020-0172,CVE-2020-0171,CVE-2020-0174,CVE-2020-0173,CVE-2020-0175,CVE-2020-0201,CVE-2019-16275,CVE-2019-5489,CVE-2020-27067,CVE-2020-0486,CVE-2020-0494,CVE-2019-9447,CVE-2019-9450,CVE-2020-0296,CVE-2020-0297,CVE-2020-0343,CVE-2020-0279,CVE-2020-0314,CVE-2020-0351,CVE-2020-0353,CVE-2020-0362,CVE-2020-0271,CVE-2020-0265,CVE-2020-0269,CVE-2020-0327,CVE-2021-0382,CVE-2021-0375,CVE-2020-0025,CVE-2021-0378,CVE-2021-0379,CVE-2021-0380,CVE-2021-0381,CVE-2021-0383,CVE-2021-0385,CVE-2021-0386,CVE-2021-0387,CVE-2021-0388,CVE-2021-0374

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