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Apple to bring wireless reverse charging, Huawei launched it 5 years ago



Huawei wireless reverse charging

Apple and Android copy each other’s features and label them as an innovation. However, when it comes to the counts, Apple is the one that leads this competition as it now following Huawei to bring in the wireless reverse charging feature.

Findings from Patently Apple reveal that US Patent and Trademark Office recently published a patent from Apple for a new wireless charging system using bimodal magnetic alignment.

The patent describes how this technology is used to create charging capability for smaller accessories such as AirPods earphones and Apple watches.

So It’s been a long time coming for Apple to include such a capability in its devices. To be mentioned, Apple has not confirmed anything for now on this, as it would never anticipate users about its upcoming features.

But we may take it as an upcoming feature to charge up accessories via iPhone 15 or later models. But nothing is certain at the moment.

apple wireless charging patent

Huawei had since 2018:

Huawei has mastered the use of reverse wireless charging technology in flaghip smartphones and first introduced this feature with Huawei Mate 20 Pro in 2018.

Initially, the reverse wireless charging speed was sufficient but the company later improved the charging rate with Huawei Mate 30 series, then Mate 40 series.

What is wireless reverse charging?

The reverse wireless charging feature turns your phone into a charging pad, allowing it to charge other devices. These include smartphones, smartwatches, and smart bands. But these must also support QI wireless charging.

To use the feature, you need to place a charging device in the center of the back of your Huawei phone and the device will start charging automatically. The charging process is simple but there are a few precautions that users can keep in mind for future Apple iPhone users bring it.

Users are recommended not to put any metal object between the charging devices or the surface of the phone.

Huawei wireless reverse charging

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