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Huawei will maintain strong R&D division




Huawei has a strong Research and Development division and the company is innovating new technologies to maintain the growth of the R&D industry.

During a recent Technology Ecosystem Conference in China, organized by China Telecom, Xu Zhijun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, delivered a speech themed “Promoting the Re-Upgrade of Broadband Consumption”.

Xu Zhijun said: Adhere to the principle of pressured investment, focus on the communication and cloud computing industries, maintain strong investment in R&D and innovation, and continue to promote the development of the digital technology industry.

R&D and innovation have always been the lifeline of a technology company for a long time. Maintaining R&D and innovation capabilities can also promote the company to become bigger and stronger. Huawei has insisted on investing heavily in R&D and innovation over the years. It is what a company, what a real tech company should do.

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Eric Xu Huawei

Xu also assured everyone that Huawei will also maintain improvements in its R&D to further support the technological advancements of the world.

Looking back to the data, Huawei’s R&D expenditure was 142.7 billion yuan ($21.28 billion) in 2021, which takes about 22.4 percent of its annual revenue. Despite being attacked by the U.S., Huawei didn’t stop launching new devices and the company is gradually moving forward with positive energy.

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