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Apple invented USB C for iPhones and Android phones will copy it



Apple invented USB C

September 12, 2023, became a remarkable day for the smartphone industry because, on that day, Apple invented and launched the USB C launching port with its latest iPhones. Now, it has become the first to unveil the fastest charging in the world.

Before iPhone 15, Apple has been using lightning ports to charge its smartphones. However, in the background, the company’s researchers and chief engineers were working on a new USB port. We’ve some insights on the research and development that took place on this matter, via an insider from Huawei P/Mate and Samsung Galaxy Teams.

Following its switch in 2012, the iPhone began its journey with a lighting port. Then tech was announced as a sensation for the entire industry. At that time, other smartphone companies including Huawei, Samsung, and others were using micro USB ports.

Right after, Apple started the development of a USB-C. The early research on this project began in 2013. Thousands of engineers gathered from its R&D team to forge a new USB C port for the next generation of iPhones.

Apple invented USB C

By 2018, Apple completed the USB C development but CEO – Tim Cook had bigger ambitions. He wanted to make this port faster than Android’s micro USB with 10W charging. Thereafter, the company was rumored to have invested about $12 billion in R&D investment in that year to work on the fastest charging in the world.

Last year, Apple concluded the research on USB C with the fastest charging capacity support in the world. Without a delay, Apple’s chief decided to put this new innovation in the iPhone 15 series.

According to Apple, you can charge an iPhone 15 from zero to 50% in 30 minutes using a 20W USB-C power adapter (sold separately). Some people (unrelated to this matter) are saying that Apple also claimed this charging speed with the iPhone 14. Who cares about the speed, do you want to win a marathon race with an iPhone? At least makes some sense

Look at the USB C and what’s more interesting is that Apple invented that thing, that’s what we can all a real innovation. Soon, Android phone makers including Huawei and Samsung will copy Apple and include USB C.

You may see the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series and Huawei P70, Mate 80, as well as other Android phones featuring USB C. As of 2023, Android phones are still using micro-USB and now choosing the new USB C. Fake sources from the Apple supply chain revealed that Android companies already started making new products with USB C ports right after the iPhone 15 launch.

So be thankful to Apple because it took 10 years of hard research and development. Also, it took billions of dollars to invent this.

Note: None of the figures shown in the article are official and don’t take this piece of text negatively or super seriously. It’s sarcasm, so try to enjoy it that way. It’s just the progress of a tech firm 🙂

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