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Europe to make USB C ‘a must’ port in phones, tablets, cameras, headphones, speakers



UCB C Port

Today, European Union purposed a revised “Radio Equipment Directive”, which makes electronics manufacturers to must use USB C as a common port in phones, tablets, cameras, headphones, speakers, and gaming consoles that will sell in Europe. This idea is presented as a big win for the consumers and for the environment.

The bill is yet to be adopted but it’s may likely get the nod from all EU members when it’ll be laid out on the desk. Meanwhile, it’s a very interesting topic and you deserve a good explanation of this Europe USB C bill, it’s a nice name, isn’t it? Let’s proceed.

What is the Europe USB C bill?

Under this bill, USB-C will become the universal port for all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers, and handheld videogame consoles. The EU also suggest that they proposed to unbundle the sale of chargers from the sale of electronic devices.

The proposed bill mentioned the following key points:

  1. Consumers will be able to charge all of their devices with the same charger regardless of any brand
  2. It’ll prohibit device makers to vary the charging speed
  3. Consumers can purchase a device without a charger, to not cause the collection of unwanted chargers.
  4. Device makers will be required to provide sufficient charging information regarding the charger’s performance, speed, and compatibility.

Europe UCB C

Why EU purposed the USB C bill?

According to the data published by the EU authority, around 420 million smartphones and other electronic devices have been sold in Europe in 2020. On average, a consumer has about three chargers and only two of them are being used.

38 percent of the overall consumers reported facing issues while charging their device at least once because of incompatibility. On the flip side, it also causes loss to the consumers.

How? Well, the EU report says, European consumers spend around 2.4 billion euros every year on “standalone chargers” that don’t come pre-packed with the corresponding purchase gadget.

Furthermore, the situation leads to a massive amount of e-waste, which gathers a sum of 11,000 tonnes each year. This is a huge number in terms of environmental safety and the harms caused by such waste.


Adaption Timeline:

The latest draft created by the EU committee will require to be adopted by the European parliament and council by ordinary legislative procedure (co-decision). According to the information, a transition period of 24 months from the date of adaptation will be announced for the industry to make the changes accordingly.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.

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Check Huawei Sign Language digital human, launches sign language services




Huawei sign language

Huawei Developer Conference 2021 is the showcase of the latest software technologies presented by the company. Huawei at this massive software release showcase also introduced its new open AI technologies and showcase it via the new sign language on a digital human.

For the first time, Huawei has brought us a digital human to live broadcast the whole process in real-time sign language. This entire scenario showcased by the Chinese software maker is unique and enables a massive potential of artificial intelligence hidden deep without eyes.

The Digital Human with sign language at the event using Huawei’s special “Sign Language service based on AI that performs actions based on what they hear in real-time.

In terms of work, this service and the features have been made into the form of the Huawei SignPal Kit for developers.


Huawei sign language

SignPal Kit:

Based on deep neural network technologies, SignPal Kit converts inputted text into sign language gestures that are coherent and grammatically correct in a stable and continuous manner, helping you add accessibility features to your app for the hearing-impaired.

The latest AI-powered sign language allows developers to integrate such capability and make the most out of its features. This allows quick generation of digital avatars, capable of performing a myriad of hand gestures, poses, and facial expressions.

Huawei sign language

Huawei’s sign language service currently covers more than 10,000 sign language vocabulary. For example, in a children’s education scene, the text in a specific book can be translated into sign language.

Sign Language:

According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately 466 million hearing-impaired people in the world, almost more than 5% of the world’s population. These special peoples understand the sign language that helps them to know the world around them and what’s going on in a better way without evening requiring to listing just like a regular person.


The innovation made by Huawei will surely contribute to the community and help people to reach more of such developer-friendly use cases around the globe.

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Huawei HMS Core 6 Launched: Supports Android, iOS, Windows and other operating system



HMS Core 6

At Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021), HMS Core 6 (Huawei Mobile Services Core) has launched. This is not just a regular release because it’s now open for cross-operating system functionality and an open-source behavior for different operating systems.

According to the company, Huawei HMS Core 6 has now opened 69 developer kits, 21,738 APIS in 7 different categories. The HMS Core also opened 13 new capabilities, 18 enhanced capabilities, and 13 cross-OS capabilities consisting of various operating systems including:

  • HarmonyOS
  • Android
  • OpenHarmony
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Linux

The new cross-device capability will allow HMS Core developers to launch apps and run them across these platforms and establish their interconnection accordingly.

HMS Core 6 cross operating system

That’s not it, the HMS Core 6 with these above mentioned cross-operating systems now supports various device platforms including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • PCs
  • Smart TVs
  • Smartwatches
  • Earphones
  • Smart Speaker
  • Smart Glasses
  • Smart Car and more

To make the development a bit easy, Huawei has opened HMS Core for third-party development frameworks such as React, Cordova, and more.

HMS Core 6 Capabilities

HMS Core 6:

The HMS Core focuses on key aspect areas of development – Graphics, Media, AI, App Services, and systems.


HMS Core 6 key aspect

  • Graphics: HMS Core 6 added 3D modeling services and enhanced many open capabilities such as AR Engine, graphics computing services, and graphics engine services.
  • Media: based on the blessing of AI technology, Huawei has newly opened up video editing services (Video Editor Kit) and audio editing services (Audio Editor Kit) and can provide global services covering 70+ languages ​​and support global calls.
  • AI: Machine Learning Kit, as an open capability, has nearly 10,000 applications integrated with ML Kit, with more than 8.25 billion monthly calls, and it has now been extended to other operating system applications.
  • App Services: HMS Core 6 has 13 new and enhanced open capabilities and 12 cross-OS capabilities.
  • Systems: Huawei has opened up core connectivity and communication capabilities, including 9 capabilities, which are open to application developers through Wireless Kit and Network Kit.

HMS Core Growth:

Huawei’s Consumer Business Cloud Services President and Huawei Cloud CEO Zhang Ping’an said that the HMS ecosystem currently has 5.1 million developers, HMS Core’s global application integration increased by 81% to 173,000, and global developer revenue increased by 62%.

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How to watch Huawei HDC 2021 [Livestream]



HDC 2021 Livestream

We’re just a few hours away from the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021), and you can watch the entire HDC 2021 Livestream on the platforms given below.

HDC 2021 Livestream

There will be a number of new software technologies that will unveil at the event, so don’t forget to tune in on time. If you want to know more about the HDC 2021 schedule and attendees, visit the article linked below or jump directly on the HDC 2021 Livestream that starts at 07:30 BST/08:30 CEST/14:30 CST.

HDC 2021 Schedule, Keynote, and more – Read here

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