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Android phone makers are releasing Android 14 but Huawei EMUI 14 is in limbo




Android 14 is currently underway for rollout in different Android phones and companies are coming forward to release this new software update with a variety of new features but Huawei is still keeping its global users in limbo for the EMUI 14.

Google announced Android 14 in February this year for developers and shared a development roadmap for a wider release. After a few months, Android announced beta inclusion for many of Android phone makers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and more.

Following a long testing phase, Google announced Android 14 in early October, enabling Android companies to base this software.

Later on, Samsung also joined the Android 14 beta testing with its One UI 6.0 custom software skin. Recently, all of these phone makers have cleared their plans to release Android 14 modded custom software skins for their smartphones. Some have already started to release this major upgrade for their corresponding smart devices.



But, Huawei is running in a different league here. The phone maker released EMUI 13 in  May this year and then the company went for a delayed rollout. Furthermore, there are only 11 devices selected under the roadmap.

But the year is about to pass and the company is still expanding EMUI 13 for old smartphones. Premium smartphones such as Huawei Mate 50 Pro launched with pre-installed EMUI 13.

This top-tier tier-phone without Google application has no clue of its future major software release, for which, the user spent almost 1200 euros.

At an age when other phone companies are promising long-running software support and after-sale services, buying a new phone, which has an unidentified future is like leaving the customer helpless and frustrated. Strong software services are part of the company’s promise to provide a better customer user experience.

To conclude, EMUI 14 rollout should have been announced by now but the current situation suggests that Huawei users are in limbo.

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