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Android 14 will provide you more control over Ads



Android 14

Advertisement is an integral part of Android and Google pulls these ads out of nowhere all over the software but Android 14 might give you better control over some of the advertisement.

Android enthusiast Mishaal Rahman revealed that Android 14 brings a new option to turn off full-screen notifications in your phone’s settings. It seems that the feature could be called manage full-screen notifications.

Afterward, you can turn off notifications, while leaving some of the more important ones – like alarms and phone calls – switched on so you don’t miss any crucial alerts.

You’ll still likely need to manually turn off the permission for many apps, even when Android 14 lands. This is because, as Google says, the full-screen notification permission “remains enabled for apps installed on the phone before the user updates to Android 14”.

Currently, Google is still testing Android 14 under public beta and it may soon release a stable build.


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