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Android is 58% more intuitive than iOS: Study



Android 58% intuitive iOS

Android and iOS rivalry is widely known because of their variations. Each side of the users has their own opinions on the experiences. But there’s a study, which gives us some insights on how Android edges iOS based on the ease of access and found it 58% more intuitive than Apple’s iPhone software.

A study published by Greensmartphones carried out research on a set of tasks, which users searches the most on the internet. These are the most common features, which may be used on a daily basis.

According to the researcher, the study is entirely based on the queries made on Google searches in the United States. Under this, the result is curated whether Android or iOS users more frequently searched for queries such as “how to screen record”, “how to share my location”, and “how to take a screenshot”.

“As the average monthly search volume for a term decreases, this suggests that fewer users need help to complete these tasks, indicating that the operating system is more intuitive.” mentioned the study.

The search performed by Greensmartphones shows that few people search for instructions to perform common tasks on Android, such as creating a screen recording, setting up voicemail, deleting apps, blocking numbers, and performing a factory reset.

On the other hand, Android comes out better than iOS in 10 out of 12 tasks. However, the ability to capture screenshots and scan QR codes is well-versed than Android.


Around 226000 monthly searches are made by users looking to perform basic to intermediate-level tasks on Android, compared to approximately 358,000 on iOS – a 58.41% difference.

Research method:

An average monthly search volume for the previous 12 months is used for the analysis. Different search keyword formats were used for different tasks but used the same format of the term for both Android and Apple devices.

To account for the fact that Android users may be searching for help for their specific type of device, rather than using the word “Android”. Therefore the researcher manually increased the Android-related figures in order to account for this. And came at this adjustment amount by assessing search volume for other keywords such as “how to screenshot on Samsung phones” and “how to screenshot on google pixel”.


It’s good to know that this is a case study, conducted with specific intent. However, you may have a different opinion based on your own experience. Therefore, the research finding Android is 58% more intuitive than iOS may or may not fit your own scenarios.

Android 58% intuitive iOS

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