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Android Auto 6.4 version update fixes voice issues in Google Assistant



The virtual Assistant works on Android- Google Assistant makes the work pretty simple and more convenient in Android Auto, which helps the driver to stay more focused.

The long list of tasks handles by Google Assistant includes making calls, setting up the navigation, controlling the music playback, and reading call and message notifications.

Google Assistant manages all these works gracefully as long as you are not making any calls. Because, when it comes to making calls via this virtual assistant, it has some issues in regard to outgoing audios.


To be more clear, when the users make a call via Google Assistant, it works just fine but the receiver of the call wasn’t able to hear any voice during the call.

On the other hand, if someone calls the driver and he/she picked up the call, it seems to be working perfectly. There is no voice issue on both ends.


When Google came to know about this behavior of Google Assistant in Android Auto. The team thoroughly investigate the whole matter and concluded the result- Android Auto 6.4 update. Early in this month, an Android Auto team member stated,

Thanks for your feedback. The Android Auto team has already released a fix to address this.

However, if you’re still facing this issue, we recommend updating the Android Auto app to the latest version (rolling out soon) and inform us of any further issues.


The 6.4 update doesn’t seem to resolve this issue completely, users are complaining about the same problem even after installing the latest update.

Meanwhile, Google is still investigating this matter and hasn’t provided any other solution yet to resolve this. As of now, we can only wait for the next command from Google.


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