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Android 13 dynamic feature should be used in EMUI and HarmonyOS



Android 13 feature emui harmonyos

Android 13 has various new features and Google is in beta mode to test this software. But how about a single Android 13 feature that could improve the user experience of EMUI and HarmonyOS operating system is used by Huawei? Let’s find out more about this feature.

As you might have guessed already, we’re talking about Android 13’s dynamic theme feature AKA Material You. Since its launch with Android 12, Android smartphone users are adoring this feature.

Android 13 material you

Dynamic Theme:

Android 13 dynamic theme feature allows your Android device to match the system UI’s primary and accent color according to the color of the wallpaper. Once set, the system generates a color palette from the wallpaper and presents them to choose from.

Aside from the basic dynamic colors, the Dynamic theme feature now supports tweaks to the system icons that could also be changed based on the color palette options.

Android 13 material you

Android 13 has further taken the concept of Material You design and made it available in a much more efficient way than it was introduced initially.

Huawei HarmonyOS and EMUI:

Huawei and HarmonyOS don’t come with such features. Although, Huawei still uses Android under the hood in EMUI software but it still lacks the latest Android version such as Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13.

Although, there are various theme customization options available on both EMUI and HarmonyOS along with Dark mode but Android 13 dynamic theme feature is a way that Huawei could choose to improve its user experience for smartphones and corresponding software-powered devices.

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