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Do you want to see Android 13 in EMUI 13?



android 13 emui 13

We recently reported about a move that Google took a feature on Android 13 that is developed by Huawei. Although, Huawei has not confirmed any news about adopting Android 13 on EMUI 13 but would like to see what happens next.

A report reveals that Android 13 will come with ER Enhanced Read-Only Files System widely known as EROFS as the default read-only file system. The feature was introduced with EMUI 9.1 and the company first installed it on EMUI 9.1 in 2016.

Android 13 is the upcoming Android installment that will further improve features as compared to Android 12. However, Huawei has not started including Android 11 or Android 12 on EMUI 11 or EMUI 12.

android 13 emui 13

Talking of which, Huawei last year introduced EMUI 12 software for the global Huawei smartphone users. Therefore, if you install EMUI 12 on your Huawei device, you’ll feature similar to HarmonyOS operating system.

Still, Huawei is not certain about the new Android version as the base of EMUI, since it cannot use Google Mobile Services (GMS). There’s more that is need to come on this matter but we’ll keep you posted on this matter.

So, what do you think about this, do you want to see Android 13 on EMUI 13? Let us know via the poll linked below. Stay connected.

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