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Android 12 based MIUI 13 update released for Xiaomi Mi 11



Xiaomi Mi 11 MIUI 13 (Android 12) update

Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone is grabbing an MIUI 13/Android 12 major software update across the globe. This new software update adds up numerous features to the software system that uplifts the performance. As well as, it adds enhancement to provide a next-level user experience.

In other words, the arrival of the Android 12 based MIUI 13 custom interface opens the door of benefits as well as enjoyment for Mi 11 users. Additionally to its own avails, the software offers many other implements. Thus, the layout of the device seems to be more attractive and innovative.

As for now, the update intends for the Mi Pilots instead of circulating it among general consumers. But we can expect a public release call soon from the company. In order to make sure, that the software does not face any defect, the Mi Pilots test it at the initial stage.


At the present moment, Xiaomi has released the latest software update for many of its flagship devices. Along with Mi 11, devices like Mi 11i, Mi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi CIVI, and many more are receiving MIUI 13. Consequently, the Chinese manufacturer is trying to provide its smartphone users with one of its best outcomes with the ultimate experience.

According to the information, Xiaomi Mi 11 devices are receiving the latest update in version V13.0.1.0.SKBMIXM. Meanwhile, it holds a package size that weighs up to 3.5 Gigabytes.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 MIUI 13 (Android 12) update


As mentioned above, the new MIUI 13 update offers many exciting add ons to the device. These changes are related to the settings segments, lock screen, and whatnot. Let’s have a glance in detail over these implements.


  • “Crystallization” super wallpapers
  • A new widget ecosystem with app support
  • Apps can be opened as floating windows directly from the sidebar


  • Stable MIUI based on Android 12
  • Updated Android security patch to January 2022
  • Increased system security

LOCK SCREEN (fixes):

  • The home screen froze when the screen turned on and off rapidly
  • UI items overlapped after switching resolution as well as in the Control center and Notification shade
  • Wallpaper Carousel buttons didn’t always work
  • The back button went grey in some cases
  • Lock screen wallpaper was replaced with home screen wallpaper in some cases (Status bar, Notification shade)
  • Smart refresh rate

SETTINGS (fixes):

  • Crashes occurred when the default map was selected


  • Improved overall stability
  • Enhanced accessibility support for Phone, Clock, and Weather
  • Mind map nodes are more convenient and intuitive now

Update Notes:

As the update is in its beginning, it may approach the general users via OTA. Although, the users still can opt for installing the respective update through MIUI Downloader or from the TWRP procedure manually.

  1. Don’t forget to backup all important items before upgrading
  2. The update process might take longer than usual, therefore sufficient battery level is a must
  3. Expect overheating and other performance issues after you update as the device takes time to adapt to the new version
  4. Remember that some third-party applications are not ready to adapt to the Android 12 interface. Hence, you may face some difficulty while using them.


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