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Xiaomi MIUI 13: Check all the new features



Xiaomi MIUI 13

Xiaomi MIUI 13 is released with Mi 12 smartphone series, the latest software is based on the Android 12 operating system. On the other hand, this new Xiaomi MIUI version will get you the best user experience available with lots of MIUI 13 features.

So, here we’re ready to explore all of the new offerings coming from Xiaomi in the 13th edition of MIUI based on Android 12. Let’s dive into the Xiaomi MIUI 13 features below.

Xiaomi MIUI 13


Let’s start first with widgets, you now have an option to bring brand new widgets right on your home screen. The widgets are movable freely and you can match the appearance of the widget based on the app itself.

The widgets are also lightweight in design and look very interesting at first sight. Aside from appearance, the widgets will help you to get information directly accessible on the reach of your finger without opening an app entirely.


There’s more, the MIUI 13 widget system is easy to be adopted by the home screen layout and there are different sizes to choose from.

miui 13 widgets


A set of new wallpaper has been a priority of the MIUI software ecosystem, and MIUI 13 is no different. This version of MIUI brings various new wallpapers that won’t miss a chance to suit your phone’s screen and are made with various themes and designs.

miui 13 wallpapers

Especially for some wallpapers, MIUI has partnered with Beauty of Science. Founded in 2016, Beauty of Science (BOS) is a brand that creates visually engaging content related to science for education, technology, and entertainment industries.

Wallpapers beauty of science

Some of the MIUI 13 wallpapers have polarized light microscope with 8K ultra-high precision, these wallpapers changes in various forms and formations on your phone’s home screen.



MIUI 13 brought in the new MiSans font, specially tailored to install a new viewing user experience. The new MiSans has all-around optimizations of Chinese, English, and digital design, with a simple design and clear readability for comfortable viewing to spot the difference.

MUI 13 misans font


Aside from features, MIUI 13 boasts security features to protect consumer’s data and protect their privacy with the following features:

Telecom frauds:

  1. Fraud protection: The new system-level fraud protection helps your phone to identify fraud calls and messages and alert you at an instance.
  2. App protection: The system will inform you whether an app is safe to use for your smartphone before installing an app.
  3. New warning icons: You now have access to the new warning signs that will bring you a better understanding of what the fraud actually is related to.


Face ID: During the face verification, your MIUI 13 powered device will not show your face instead it’ll verify your face data while keeping your face hidden. According to Xiaomi, this will present apps to over-collect your personal image information.


Apps Data:

You always have an option to check, which apps are collecting what from your smartphone, a new section in the app information will show you all of the permissions that a corresponding app is fetching.

miui 13 app permissions


This part is a bit more important for a consumer, as it may not take a lead in the front seat but works as a driver to ensure your experience remains smooth.

MIUI 13 focuses on the concept of focusing more on computing, bringing better memory management, and efficient storage management with a simplified process.


That’s not it, MIUI 13 brings you new performance that is better than the last MIUI version.

  • MIUI 13 brings has 20 to 26 percent improved system app fluency better than MUI 12.5 enhanced version.
  • It features 15 to 52 percent of the overall improved fluency of third-party apps as it was in MUI 12.5.
  • Moreover, the average number of background apps can now take up to 14 simultaneously on a Xiaomi phone for example Mix 4.
  • Lastly, the performance of reading and writing will be there for you for over 36 months unhindered and only 5 percent of its overall will be dropped over the course of time.


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These phone makers will rollout Android 13 [List]



Android 13 phone makers

On August 15, Google launched Android 13 for the global Android devices and also announced the supported smartphones that will rollout this major Android version later this year.

Starting today, Android 13 is available to download on Pixel devices via OTA and manual flashing. However, Android 13 will come to devices from the following phone makers:

  1. Samsung
  2. Asus
  3. Nokia
  4. iQOO
  5. Motorola
  6. OnePlus
  7. Oppo
  8. Realme
  9. Sharp
  10. Sony
  11. Tecno
  12. Vivo
  13. Xiaomi

That’s not it, Google has also confirmed that this Android version will expand further among Android phone users.

android 13

Beta and rollout:

Back in February, the first preview build was published for Android 13 developers. After that Google released a number of developer test versions for the corresponding testers including the public testers.


Alongside, Android 13 was also announced in beta for several third-party OEMs. However, earlier this month, the Android 13 beta has been opened for big supporters such as Samsung.

Android 13 Features:

This new Android version comes with a number of new features including the new themed icons, which now completely adopt the color of the wallpaper and look better than Android 12.

Android 13 brings in a brand new functionality called per-app language, which allows you to translate or run an app based on your language preference. Rather than the system language.


There are some improvements made to the on-screen media controls for both small and large screen devices.

Digital Wellbeing has been one of the useful features of the Android ecosystem and it’ll now allow you to customize Bedtime mode with wallpaper dimming and a dark theme. The screen option will also help your eyes to adjust the dark mode when you are about to sleep and get back to sleep if you wake up and check your phone at midnight.

There are many new functionalities that have been added to the security features as well as better controls over notifications. There’s a lot more to explore in Android 13 and these will expand for various Android phone makers as the testing proceeds.

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Android 12 is only used by 13.3 percent devices, as Android 13 moves to launch



Android 12 13 percent

Android users are eagerly waiting to taste a new experience with the upcoming version of Android. As per the gossip, Google has implemented many new and surprising elements to Android 13. While the company is still giving some last-minute touch-ups to the stable firmware, the new info reveals that only 13.3 percent of devices are now using the Android 12 interface.

That’s right. Eventually, Google updated its Android distribution report at the beginning of this month. On moving into depth, we found that only 13.3 percent of device users rely upon the previous system, that is the Android 12.

Alongside, the company has also mentioned the bars of other Android versions. It’s worth mentioning that the other versions of Android are grabbing more attention than Android 12. For instance, Android 11 is currently available on 27% of devices.

Meanwhile, Android 10 and Android 9 are following the lead in second and third position with 22.3% and 14.5% respectively. Even years later, the older versions of Android are fully capable of beating the demands of the latest and new system versions.


On the flip side, Google’s report also describes the total distribution number of Android versions that have climbed up to 99.8 percent in August. The remaining 0.2% might be the achievement level of Android 12L. Alternatively, Android 12L has its own API levels and has provided various improvements and additions to the large screen devices.

Android 12 13 percent

Older Android Versions are more popular!

Well, that shows the popularity of older versions of Android among users. Though Android 12 and above-released versions carry several things to explore. Yet, consumers in the market prefer to depend on the old stable versions. This might be a matter of convenience and fear of facing bugs and issues due to new software.

So far, Google has not mentioned the distribution number of Android 12 for four months. However, the company brought it down to the users just before the launch of Android 13. The reasons are still unknown as to why the company didn’t give an appropriate report for such a long time.

There is still some time left in the release of the stable Android 13 interface. Will the new version be able to grab the full attention of the users? Or the users will choose the previous versions over revamped software? We will keep updating you on this aspect.


Android 12 13 percent


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Android 13 Launch Delayed: What about Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, Oppo, Vivo and more?



Earlier this year, Google began testing Android 13 on Pixel devices and the Android maker has now reached stability mode and taken as the final version of Android 13. However, the official launch of Android 13 has been delayed.

Later in July, Google officially confirmed that the Android 13 launch is around the corner but the launch is indefinitely delayed. In the meantime, Google didn’t make any further remarks or statements on this matter.

Even after reaching the stability mode, why Google has delayed Android 13? Will it affect the release of Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and other Android smartphone makers? Let’s find out. We’re keeping Huawei out of this since the phone maker is not an official partner of Android mobile services.


Last week, Samsung opened One UI 5.0 beta testing in different markets. According to Sammyfans, the South Korean phone maker has based this custom mobile software skin on Android 13. That’s not it, the company has already started expanding the testing program in the U.S. right after the announcement, which is kind of a fast pace testing as compared to the past year.


Samsung One UI 5.0


During the launch of the OnePlus 10T on August 3, OnePlus officially announced OxygenOS 13, which is based on Android 13. The company is testing this new software in beta on OnePlus 10 and 10 Pro devices, since the initial beta program.

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 android 13 delayed


On August 4, Realme confirmed Android 13-based One UI 4.0 beta testing for Realme GT 2 Pro smartphone. This update comes with a number of new early access features powered by the new Android version. However, it’s yet to confirm for more Realme devices.

realme ui 13


Xiaomi also has its own version of Android 13-based MIUI – MIUI 13. The company is testing this software on Xiaomi 12 series both for Chinese and global models. However, a wide testing activity is yet to open.

and others

There is also another Android phone maker including Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo, and more that has started closed and open beta activities starting in August. It seems like, Google has given permission for all of the Android phone manufacturers to begin beta programs. So that Google could feature them during the official Android 13 launch.


Hence, the Android 13 release delay has not affected anything in the process…

android 13 delayed

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