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Android 11 launched: Check the new features



Android 11

We’re in September and today Google has released Android 11. With this Android version, Google has focused on ways to improve communication, manage connected devices and media controls, and provide new privacy options to choose which app and how long it’ll use your personal data.

Huawei will also launch Android 11 based EMUI 11 on September 11 at Huawei Developer Conference 2020 and it is likely to include the new features on Android 11 on its EMUI ecosystem.

Talking of features, Android 11 comes with a new set of features and improvements over its predecessor and it’s time we explore them all.

Android 11 Features:

  1. Easy Conversation: If you’re a person that switches between multiple messaging apps, Android 11 brings new features to makes this switching process much faster. With Android 11 conversations across messaging, apps will be moved to a dedicated space in the notifications section, making it easy to manage your conversations in one spot. You can also prioritize conversations from the key people in your life so you never miss an important message.
  2. Bubbles: New Bubbles makes your multitasking much faster and you can now respond to your important conversations without having to switch back and forth between what you’re doing and your messaging app.
  3. Built-in screen recorder: Finally, build-in recorder made its way in Android and now users can capture and share the on-screen content. You can record the screen with sound from your mic, device, or both with any other third party app.
  4. Smart Devices: Users can now access all of the smart devices in one place, simply by long-pressing the power button. You can turn on or off other devices with just a tap and there’s no need to open any other app.
  5. Smart Media Controls: Media controls are also new in Android 11 and they’re more useful than ever. Now users can quickly switch the device your media is playing on, so you can take your music with you from your headphones to your speaker without missing a beat.
  6. Android Auto: Android 11 brings a wider availability of Android Auto with compatible vehicles.
  7. One-time permissions: will allow you to grant single-use access to your most sensitive permission including microphone, camera, and locations. The next time, an app needs to access your phone’s storage, it must require your permission.
  8. Google Play System Update Module: With additional Google Play system update-modules, event more security and privacy fixes can be sent to your phone from Google Play, in the same way, your apps update. So you’ll get these fixes as soon as they’re available, without having to wait for a full OS update.

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