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Google accidentally teases Android 11 developer preview



Major Android developer previews usually arrive around March but recently Google accidentally published the developer page of upcoming Android 11 and pulled it off immediately.

Before the page goes down, the eagle eyes of guys over AndrodiPolice noticed the changes on the developer page and took a screenshot, which reveals a few of the Android 11 references.

Here are some of the changes and new features mentioned on the web page of the Android 11 developer preview.

BEHAVIOR CHANGES – System changes that may affect your app when it’s running on Android 11.

PRIVACY FEATURES – New safeguards to protect user privacy that you’ll need to support in your app.

NEW FEATURES & APIS – APIs for foldable, sharing, connectivity, media, NNAPI, biometrics, and more.

According to the information, any of the given links of the page wasn’t working. However, as soon as google realizes its mistake it disabled the page link revert it back to the Android.

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