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AMD may not shift 3nm chip to Samsung, CEO to visit TSMC



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AMD is one of the biggest chip customers and it may not shift the 3nm orders from TSMC to Samsung for an advanced technology node.

Digitimes reports that AMD is unlikely to transfer 3nm chip orders to Samsung. The reason behind this unchanged policy is related to AMD’s ties with TSMC, a partnership, which is growing for over the past two years. The industry sources revealed that AMD wants to increase business with TSMC through 2nm process fabrication.

The latest news arrives as AMD CEO, Lisa Su is on a visit to Taiwan. She is also expected to meet top executives from TSMC (via WCCftech). It’s reported that Su and C.C. Wei – TSMC’s CEO will hold discussions on key aspects including the next-gen 3nm chipset.

Meanwhile, a report from Korean media shows that Samsung has achieved a new milestone in 3nm yield. The advanced yield of Samsung has reached 60% and TSMC’s 3nm yield is observed to remain at 55%.

The yield of Samsung Electronics’ 4-nano process was over 75% and over 60% for the 3-nano process. In the case of TSMC, the 4-nano yield is about 80%. It reflects that Samsung has caught up to almost close to TSMC.

Currently, there are no official details announced about the TSMC and AMD collaboration. However, we also don’t have an outcast for Samsung in the deal.

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